2022 SEAWOLF Dogali’s Nouveau Carbonic Zinfandel Redwood Valley, Mendocino. Hidden Gem by Wine Enthusiast


A very special wine that is included in our 2023 spring release, is Jesse and Emma’s first carbonic macerated Zinfandel.  Whoa, this wine has already garnered a lot of praise at our sneak preview wine tasting.  This unique fermentation entails using whole clusters of Zinfandel, French Colombard, and Muscat grapes in a sealed, carbon dioxide-filled tank that initiates fermentation within each grape.  Drowning in a carbon dioxide rich environment, the grapes initially undergo an enzymatic process that builds pressure within the grapes until it gently opens, allowing yeast to access the grape juice.  This old world fermentation technique yields delicately extracted tannins, bursts of fresh red cranberry and pomegranate, and an alcohol of only 11.1%. Our 2022 Seawolf Dogali’s Nouveau Mendocino Zinfandel is a perfect wine to open on a warm afternoon, slightly chilled and pairs great with nearly all cuisines due to its great acidity and fruit driven nature.  We can’t wait to share this wine with you!