2023 SEAWOLF Yorkville Highlands Sea Blush Rosé


Our intention with our Rosé is to create a wine that is elegant and crisp with delicately woven red fruits.  To achieve our vision, we whole cluster press night harvested red grapes.  The entire red grape clusters are gently placed in our basket press and slowly pressurized to less than one bar of pressure.  The stems of the clusters act as pressing aids, allowing the lightly pigmented and flavored juice to easily maneuver as it finds its way down into the juice pan.  Our Rosé is made in an anaerobic style, utilizing solid carbon dioxide pellets to drive out the oxygen.  Fermenting and aging in small stainless steel barrels and early bottling helps us capture the delicate red fruits of our estate 2023 Seawolf Yorkville Highlands Sea Blush Rosé.  This Rosé is a blend of carefully selected Zinfandel, Grenache, and Primitivo grapes.  Only one barrel produced.