2023 Seawolf Fennel and Stone Sauvignon Blanc Yorkville Highlands


We are always giddy with excitement for the release of our Sauvignon Blanc.  We only have 100 vines of Sauvignon Blanc planted on the rockiest soils at our organic estate, yielding just over one barrel of wine.  Organic and dry farmed, this bone dry detailed Sauvignon Blanc has incredible fresh exotic white fruits that are gracefully teased out during the barrel fermentation that occurs in a once used French oak barrel.  The early inclusion of oxygen, due to the porous nature of French oak, gives the young wine great focus and adds a layer of creaminess to the racy finish.  This wine often sells out within a few months from the release date.  We encourage you to contact us if you would like to increase your allocation of our 2023 SEAWOLF Wines Yorkville Highlands Fennel and Stone Sauvignon Blanc.